How the Porn Industry will affect Virtual Reality?

One of the things statistical data does is help show which direction trends are going. It also assists in pointing out what people are using or presently into. What statistics don’t do is lie since it is all about numbers. According to stats on virtual reality porn, the proof is in the totals. Adult websites which offer virtual reality pornography have seen a dramatic increase in its use and the number of visitors it receives. Moreover, VR porn categories in adult sites all over have climbed up the charts significantly as well. The genre has managed to rise by more than 300% in one year. This data — along with many other factors — is leading many to believe that virtual reality may be the future of porn.\

A few days after Christmas last year, the number of individuals visiting virtual reality porn sites went through the roof. It appears that many people who received VR goggles as Christmas presents, decided to use them to view porno. That is not to say all people who got a pair only used them to watch adult content. But it does show a large portion did since one website alone had almost a million visitors looking at VR porn. That spike was recorded the day after Christmas. Since that day, the genre has continued its momentum and rise in views and usage.

Although there are over 50 popular sites which offer virtual reality content, more than 30 of the top are adult sites. This clearly shows the impact of virtual reality and how it is changing the porn industry. In the general sense, it is always a new technology which changes a particular industry. However, that is not necessarily the case with virtual reality and the porn sector. Truth is that there has always been endless free porn videos available on the web. That method is how adult sites bring people to their websites. By giving complimentary porn content to those who visit them, they keep them happy and coming back for more.

One adult site in particular, used this methodology and combined it with virtual reality. Badoink VR has been around for years offering members the best in virtual reality smut. While they had a large following, they wanted to grow bigger. The site also was also sure that virtual reality was the best method to see pornography. It’s part of why they began a campaign of providing visitors with free Google Cardboard VR goggles. All a person had to do was sign up and they would get a complimentary pair in the mail. Once they got them, people came back to Badoink VR and saw virtual reality porno movies. In a way, the site opened the floodgates and let people experience for themselves what VR pornography was all about.

The result has been what we see today which is huge growth for the entire VR adult porn industry as well as Badoink VR itself. All of this points to how the porn sector has had a profound effect on virtual reality, not just vice versa. Only the adult production companies know what they have in store for the future and how it will use virtual reality. But if history and statistics are any indication, it appears the sector knows exactly what it’s doing. They are changing how we look at porn through VR pornography and impacting the future as well.