How to deal with sexism in the work place

There are several ways that people can be grouped including age group, race, educational qualification and gender. However, gender is one of the most visible unnecessary grouping typesthat are sometimes considered in the treatment of employees. In majority of the cases, women suffer from sexism, much more than the male folks, part of the reason for the popular phrase that it is a man’s world, which should not be so. For example, there are several organizations who try to avoid employing female staffs as much as possible. This is sometimes because they want to avoid giving maternity leaves with pay that is a part of their rights.This does not mean males could not be victims of sexism as well, especially when they are doing a job that is more common among the female folks. Females at work could taint them, which could also not be funny. The purpose of this article is to address sexism in the work place, whereby an individual have gotten the job, but is been treated differently because of gender.

Types of sexism

There are two major types of sexism in the work place. They include casual sexism and overt sexism. For overt sexism, it involves subtle acts, which could be in the form of jokes or given certain roles outside your job description. There are cases where some ladies might not even be aware that they are victims of casual sexism. The overt type of sexism however, involves more serious cases of sexism, which could include sexual harassment. Some steps to deal with sexism in the work place are explained below.

Say no to overt sexism

When you are a victim of overt sexism, you should stand your ground and say no. This could be very difficult if it is a private firm and you are targeted by the boss, considering that he might start to frustrate you and threaten you with negative reviews, which could make it difficult finding another job. If you find yourself in this case, you can try to get evidence with discreet recording devices and report him to the right authorities. He will be sanctioned and he will lose his power over you. If the individual is however, a fellow employee, then you should report to the HR department, preferably with evidence as well, to avoid him denying it.

React when you are a victim of casual sexism

If you find out that silly sexist jokes are been thrown at you at your work place, you should immediately let the person know that it is not funny and you do not like it. Your reactions should however, also be subtle and without pointing accusations or getting angry, except the person continues to repeat it. Then you can show your displeasure in a more firm manner.If you are continuously asked to do a particular role outside your job description like serving coffee or ordering for lunch, you can politely request why you or only the female folks are asked to do that. This should preferably be along with the other victims, if you are asking for the female folks.

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