How to hire your first employee

You have just started your small business and you need to hire employees. You will want to hire employees that are qualified and also passionate about the job. It could be a challenge knowing what to do since it is your first time and you do not want to make mistakes. If you are faced with the challenge of how to hire your first employee, here are the steps you should follow.

Place a vacancy and ask for resumes

The first step you will have to carry out when you want to hire your first employee is to place a vacancy and ask those interested to submit their resumes. To make it easy for you and the prospective employee, be very detailed in your vacancy advert. The vacancy should have the position you are recruiting for, the qualifications you expect, the location of your office and a range or idea of how much you intend to pay. People who see this type of resume will know if they are interested in the position, if they have the qualification you are looking for, if they are willing to work where your office is located (especially in terms of proximity to their house or if they will be willing to relocate close to the office or not if their house is far) as well as if they are okay with the salary you are proposing. You will thus have lesser resumes to look through when you are very straightforward with your requirements.

Go through the resume and shortlist

The next step is to go through the resumes you have received. If you are looking for just one employee for a start, interviewing 5 people should be just fine. Interviewing as much as 20 people should also be fine if you have the time. However, you should invite the 5, 20 or the number you want to interview most qualified prospective employees. When you have not specified your salary range, you could be surprised all of the most qualified people might be expecting beyond what you are willing to pay. Since you have specified however, hopefully, at least 80 percent of those you interview should not be asking for a pay above your range. Your chances of hiring at your first interview should thus be successful.

Arrange for interview

Send a message to those you have shortlisted and ask them to come for interview. Their interview should begin with how punctual they were and their dressing to how they approach the questions you ask and their composure. Give them scores on it and confirm that they are willing to accept within the salary range you have specified. You should also enlighten them a bit about your terms and conditions as well as their roles. This is to be sure they agree with them, before they make your final shortlist.

Make up your mind on who to employ

Take time to review the scores you have given to them and replay the whole scenario of the interview. Finally, you can choose who you intend to employ, while having the contacts of others you could have employed as back up.

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